Thursday, November 27, 2014

Turkey Greetings!

I would like to wish you all a very Happy Thanksgiving and hope that you are able to spend time with your family and eat lots of good food. I am thankful for all of my readers who continue to support what I love to do. Cheers to all of you!

God Bless

3 Bean Casserole... Just Like Grandma Makes

1 Pound of Hamburger
1/2 Pound of Bacon
2 tsp. dry mustard
1 tsp. salt
1/2 cup ketchup
3/4 cup brown sugar
2 tsp. white vinegar
1 Large can of Pork & Beans (Campbell's) 
1 can Lima Beans
1 can Kidney Beans (Either light or dark)
1 cup onions, chopped (I used one medium yellow onion)

1. Fry together the hamburger and bacon.
2. Add the dry mustard, salt, ketchup, brown sugar, and white vinegar. Simmer for 20 minutes and let them merry together.
3. Add the can of Pork & Beans, Lima Beans, Kidney Beans, and chopped onion. Do Not Drain the cans of Beans...

If you will be bringing this to a family get together, you can double or even triple the recipe. I highly recommend using a crock pot to transport it, if you are going somewhere else. 

Frying up the hamburger and bacon

After I added the mustard, ketchup, salt, brown sugar, and vinegar

When the casserole is all done...

This recipe came from my husband's grandmother and it was the first time that I'd made it. My husband said that it tasted exactly like his Grandma's- which is exactly what I was going for and that's the reason why I called her for the recipe. We paired the casserole with Walleye that my husband had caught earlier this week; it worked out great since we typically eat fish with baked beans. Our 3 year old daughter enjoyed the dish as well and that's a lot coming from a toddler!

Tuesday, November 25, 2014

"You're still here?"

My Top 10 To-Do List Before Baby #2 is Born
Counting down...

If you have experienced being pregnant before then you can understand how I'm feeling right now about starting my last week of pregnancy (or so I hope that it may be). My pregnancy (this time around) hasn't always been the most easy, but luckily I have a wonderful spouse to help me through my tough down times. This week is going decently fast already and I have a feeling that my due date will be here before I know it and that is if she makes it to her due date of next Monday. So for the past eight weeks, yes 8 weeks, I have been suffering from a head cold. Not going to lie, its been miserable but I know that as soon as my daughter arrives that my body will finally be able to start fighting it.

With less than sixteen days to go (my doctor won't let me go later than Dec. 10th), I thought that it would be smart to put together a list of things that I'd like to do before she arrives. 
  1. Sanitize baby bottles and pacifiers 
  2. Get a mani-pedi with friends
  3. Enjoy my last few nights of a full night's rest! 
  4. Catch up on the beauty vloggers that I follow on YouTube... 
  5. Take one nice long nap a day
  6. Have a date night with the hubby and toddler
  7. Buy a new toy for my daughter so that she can have a gift on the day that her sister is born (she seems to be really into puzzles lately). If you have any suggestions, please let me know! 
  8. Put together a list of family & friends that I want to be contacted first- we plan on announcing via social media but having a phone contact list is even more fun, especially when only a couple of friends and/ or family are around. 
  9. Buy ice packs
  10. Clean out the vehicles- our vehicles have gotten extremely messy since hunting season started back in August and I have yet to find the ambition to clean out either one of them. 
Since I have everything ready to go at the hospital, minus my bag. But for my last few days, I'm just planning on relaxing, trying not to stress out, and enjoy my last few days of being pregnant because who knows as to when she will arrive. In addition, I also know that as soon as I come home, that I won't want to leave the house for reasons other than to drive my toddler to daycare.

Truth be told, I don't remember what it was like when my first daughter was a newborn. Sad right? At the time I was studying for my Minnesota Property & Casualty Licensing exam and now that's all I remember about the first month. This time around will be completely different and I am strongly focused on spending time with her and my family while on leave. The other teachers and my students at school are getting excited for her arrival and ask me daily, "you're still here?". All I can say is, "yes, I am" and do it with a smile. That question is getting old, but I just remind myself that I've got only a few more days.

Have a wonderful week and if you are working Thanksgiving or Black Friday, I am sorry that you have to miss spending time with your family.


Tips on being sick & pregnant

#1: Drink lots of fluids! More than your normal...
#2: Try taking a vitamin C supplement if your doctor won't let you have juice (like mine wouldn't)
#3: If you can, take naps or get to bed early
#4: A hot bath and/ or shower can really help
#5: For nasal decongestant, try a saline nasal spray
#6: Just remember that your immune system is taking care of your baby and is trying to keep them healthy
#7: Wash your hands with soap and water first and then use a hand sanitizer (yes, I do this... it may sound crazy, but it does help ward of colds longer). 

Monday, November 24, 2014

Honest Facts About Me

Get to Know Me:

#1. I'm not as neat and organized as I think that I am or that I want to be. With a two year old running around and being 39 weeks pregnant, I just have found that I'm not the organized person I used to enjoy being. I've learned to be okay with not having everything perfect or having a spot for each single item.

#2. I'm Lazy... Okay, I admitted it. When it comes to doing chores at night after I've already put my feet up, I can just forget about me getting the dishes done or the laundry folded, because it just isn't going to happen. I have found that I do most of my weekly chores on the weekend along with just enough lazy me time to go along with it.

#3. I can't cook in the kitchen unless the dishes are done or I have a load in the dish washer going. Nope, can't do it. Drives me crazy.

#4. After I get to know someone, I can't shut up; meaning I talk A LOT. I have tried to learn how to hold back on telling everyone everything.

#5. I'm not the writer that I used to be when I was younger. I love to write but my mind often goes blank and I end up deleting everything that I had just written on the page. When I was a kid, I used to write stories. I remember this one summer where I wrote an entire book; no idea where it is now, but it was pages long.

#6. I hate scary or gory movies; even action comedies sometimes. I am by far the most picky person when it comes to what I watch. Over the years being married to my husband, I have fallen in love with Discovery and History Channel television series (Gold Rush, Swamp People, Wicked Tuna, Deadliest Catch, etc. . . ). Every now and then I will venture out and try something new.

#7. I love to decorate for the holidays and since it's my favorite time of the year, it gives me an excellent excuse. Some of my favorite memories from growing up included the day after Thanksgiving when my mom, my sister, and I would put up the Christmas decorations. I would start out real strong, but then mom would end up finishing.

#8. I am a sweet tooth junkie! I love super sugary frosting, cake, ice cream, I don't care, I love it all. And I'm not afraid to admit that I am a total donuts kind of girl; I love my donuts, especially the ones that have jam fillings. Yum!

#9. I enjoy reading but have a difficult time finding that book that I actually want to finish. I have a tendency to get bored, quit reading the book that I've started and then start a whole new one.

#10. I love animals and have always had a special bond with them. I could never truly harm an animal unless it was for the purpose of feeding my family, for example, ducks, geese, pheasants, jack rabbits, deer, etc . . . But my house seems to never be empty of a pet or two and I have noticed that my daughter has the same connection with animals that I still do.

Saturday, November 15, 2014

High Maintenance

For many years, I had to have my hair straight to where there couldn't be a kink in it, my nails done (a.k.a. I had fake nails), and I always wanted to look good. I was this way when I met and married my husband, but a couple of years ago, a family member asked me why I don't just try to make my real nails look nice? I decided that I would try grow out my real nails. It worked for awhile, but lately nothing seemed to keep them strong and from peeling. I had been wanting to put my fake nails back on for months now, but kept myself away because I was afraid that certain people would consider me high maintenance. After talking with my husband and doing some researched, I realized that just because I like wearing fake nails and looking put together, doesn't me high maintenance at all. It makes me a woman.

In order to make myself feel good about my decision, I wanted to do some research and share it with you on what truly makes a High Maintenance Woman.

What makes a true high maintenance woman (HMW)? Does high maintenance mean that the woman cares more about what she looks like than the person that she's dating or does it mean a woman always has to have top of the line things such as jewelry from Tiffany's or a Louis Vuitton bag? What I may think to be a considered an HMW, may not be what the person next to me thinks. There are so many definitions out there and each person has their own opinion based on their own experiences. But here's the thing, there are men out there that are just as high maintenance as women are and this is true whether or not people want to believe it. The door swings both ways.

According to the website Urban Dictionary, a high maintenance woman or an HMW for short, would be one that is needy, self-centered, or even a gold digger. In addition, one contributor who called them self, Been there done that, wrote this, "have unfortunately dated a few and the end result with them is always the same. High Maintenance Women seem to be unstable with life in general and exceptionally needy towards men. Looking for that easy life. They also love to sue the ex's in court for money, so they don't have to work."

Another website, (yes, I thought the website name was interesting too), created a list of signs that might put a woman into the HMW category. The list included signs such as: "you can step out of the house without makeup on, you think you deserve a better man, you get embarrassed easily, you pay a lot of attention to expensive details". Or even that "you think you're a perfectionist". The author, Kirsten Cole, had a lot of great insight into what a HMW actually does and looks like to people other than herself. 

Does wanting to look professional make a woman high maintenance? According to Avis Ward in her article What Does "High Maintenance" Really Mean?, high maintenance doesn't necessarily mean that the woman is "demanding", She then quotes what two men, both different ages, had to say about what makes a HMW. It's amazing how the perspectives of two men from different generations can have both similar and different responses. My favorite part of Avis' article was where she quoted a woman that she called Cheryl. When Cheryl was asked what makes a HMW this is how she responded, "Funny, I thought getting your nails done and your hair done and looking nice and acting appropriately was just part of being a woman/girl. Since when did the maintaining the aspects of our sex become high maintenance?". Cheryl didn't mention anything about suing an ex in court for money or not being able to leave the house without makeup. Instead she perfectly states that looking appropriate is just part of being a woman. 

Are you high maintenance???

Photo Credit: Sarah Callahan (Me)


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Thursday, November 13, 2014


Believe it or not, Christmas is in less than six weeks. Yes you read that correctly; six whole weeks. Although that may seem like a long ways away still, I have thoughts that it'll go quicker than most people realize. Heck it was just Halloween and now we're in the middle of November already. Today, Cabelas put out an AD for pre-Black Friday Deals because apparently Black Friday (which has now become Black Thursday and Friday) and Cyber Monday were not enough. I just found it funny!

Unlike some, I'm a big fan of the Holiday Season and not because of the gifts but because it's one of the few times a year that I get to see all of the families.

Around this time of year, I begin to start thinking about the Family Traditions that I had as a child growing up. We had three that I can remember but I'm sure that my mother can correct me on this.




These traditions I plan to pass on and continue to do with my daughters because I want them to have the same memories that I had growing up. It was good ol' quality time with my mom and I'll never forget those days of putting up Christmas decorations and nights of frosting cookies. 

Here's to a stress-less holiday season! 

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Favorite e.l.f. products

e.l.f. OR eyeslipsface

Even when money isn't tight, I can always trust e.l.f. products to fit my needs...

#1. Eye shadow palettes- their eye shadow palettes are well thought out and the quality for the price out-stand me. Even though I don't where a lot of bright colors, they are able to offer a wide variety of neutral color options that fit my everyday necessities.

#2: Flawless Finish Foundation- I have found that the Flawless Finish Foundation is an excellent basic foundation. The lightest color matches just about perfectly on my pale skin. It doesn't clog my pores or makes me feel as though I'm being weighed down with makeup. 

#3: Clear Mascara- I find that the clear mascara is an essential when it comes to doing my brows. Why pay a lot of money for a clear mascara to set your brows? If it keeps my brows in place, it's good enough for me. 

#4: Eye shadow primer- the eye shadow primer works just as good as any high end primer except you don't pay the high price. It doesn't look like much when you put it on, but it sure does do the job. 

#5: Face primer- the face primer feels more of like a silicon base as compared to other primers that I've used in the past. I do enjoy this primer because of the silicon feel and how it fills in pores and fine lines; which is what a primer is supposed to do, right? It has no color, just clear. They do offer other primers such as ones for hydration, pore refining, and finally mineral infused.