Saturday, February 7, 2015

Chocolate-Banana Soft Serve Ice Cream Using a NutriBullet

Do your kids want ice cream but you don't want them to have all of the sugar and fat grams that go along with having ice cream? Recently, I've come up with a solution to that same situation that I'm having at home with my own child.

For Christmas, my parents got me a NutriBullet, which I have fallen in love with and have been trying out tons of different recipes. Yesterday I accidentally came up with this one.

You will need:
Frozen Bananas (I always buy over ripened bananas for cheap from my local grocery store)
Hot Chocolate packet (I also switch this out for protein mix too)
Ice Cubes, if you want an extra frozen feel, but I feel like I get enough "frozeness" from the frozen bananas

Blend everything together using your NutriBullet until smooth. For my daughter and I, this combo is amazing and is better than the ice cream you buy in stores! It's all thanks to the NutriBullet too!

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