Saturday, March 28, 2015

Moisturizers You Need In Your Life

If you get hideously dry skin in the winter months like I do, then you need the moisturizers in your life! I am someone that can not go to bed without moisturizers all over me and even though I typically have oily combination skin, Northern Minnesota weather dries me out.

Here are my recommendations:

For your body- I recommend using Aveeno Baby Daily Moisture Lotion because it will leave your skin silky soft without feeling oily. Not only do I use this on my legs, arms, and stomach, I also use it on my hands after I've just washed. I have found that the best time to apply is when you first get out of the shower or bath. Your skin will drink in this lotion and a little goes a long ways. As a bonus, I double and use it on my little girls. This is the first lotion that I have fully finished and haven't switched out for something different. It's amazing and makes me want to try more Aveeno products.

For your lips and feet- I recommend using Aquaphor because it really breaks down rough skin and makes it soft. By using this on your feet, you won't be afraid to cuddle up next to your significant other and not have them get scratched by your rough feet. In addition, I use this product on my lips and has become my go-to lip moisturizer. Once again, I use Aquaphor on my girls to help when they have a butt rash.

For your face- If you have normal skin that isn't sensitive to fragrance, from the drug store I recommend using one of Olay's moisturizers such as the Hydrating Gel Moisturizer, which is part of the Fresh Effects line. Another one from Olay would be the Age Defying Classic Daily Renewal Cream (try the night cream too!). Olay is owned by Procter & Gamble who also owns CoverGirl and with that I highly trust their products since they have been around for a long time.

There is another brand that I recommend and that is L'Oreal Paris who also owns Lancome (I'll get to them soon). They have high quality products for a decent price. From L'Oreal Paris, I recommend their Age Perfect Cell Renewal Day Cream with an SPF 15 (the night cream is also very good).  If you are looking for anti-aging, dark spot correction, etc... L'Oreal offers products for those too.

Want higher end products too? A few of my favorites include Estee Lauder's DayWear and Revitalizing Supreme, but they have so many to choose from. Another one of my favorites comes from Lancome, which as I stated earlier, L'Oreal Paris owns them. Their Bienfait Multi-Vital and Renergie Lift lines are both excellent. As always, it depends on your specific concerns and needs, but these two you can't go wrong with.

If you have sensitive skin that breaks out easily to fragrance, from the drugstore I recommend using products from the Aveeno line. On a side note, I love their facial cleansers and body moisturizers.

As for higher end products, I would recommend the Clinique brand and line of cosmetics. They have a wide range of products to offer for your sensitivity and the ladies at the counter can match you with the right products for you. As for moisturizers, I do recommend the Dramatically Different Lotion + (I use the gel one because I have oilier skin) and the Moisture Surge (once again, I use the Extended Thirst Relief instead of the Intense since I have oily skin). Like I said, if you have other concerns such as wrinkles, fine lines, or dark spots, there are moisturizers and product lines for those too. Those two are my favorites though.

For your eyes- When it comes to putting moisturizer on your eye area, you need to be very careful. Your eye area doesn't have the fat layer that the rest of your skin has and so you need products that are more gentle.

L'Oreal Paris- I recommend their RevitaLift Anti-Wrinkle + Firming Eye Cream which is light weight and can be used both day and night-time.

Lancome- I recommend their Renergie Lift Multi-Action Eye which helps with lifting and firming of the eye area. Other eye products that I recommend from Lancome include the Visionnaire Eye, Genefique Yeux, and the Genefique Eye Light-Pearl. All of these are excellent products and are worth the extra money that you will dish out for them. Here's the thing though, a little goes a really long ways.

Estee Lauder- I recommend using the Advanced Night Repair Eye (here's a little tip- use it on your lips to help with lines around the lip area). The Advanced Night Repair Eye feels amazing on the under eye area and will reduce fine lines, wrinkles, puffiness, dark circles, and more. The next product that I'd recommend would be the Revitalizing Supreme Eye Balm. The eye balm helps your eye area to look brighter and younger. There is also the Advanced Night Repair Eye Serum that you can combine with any eye cream to help with you dark circles, puffiness, etc...

Olay- I recommend using the Fresh Effects:{Bright on Schedule} Eye Awakening Cream because with its roller ball, it will hydrate and help reduce the look of your dark circles and puffiness.

Clinique- I recommend using the All About Eyes Serum (this has a roller ball) combined with the All About Eyes Cream. Both help reduce dark circles and puffiness, but one is instant and the other helps to hydrate. My last favorite from Clinique is the Even Better Eyes Dark Circle Corrector, the tip on this product has a cooling effect too. All three products are amazing!

Moisturizer Products that I want to try out- recently e.l.f. (eyeslipsface) came out with their own line of skincare that I have been wanting to desperately try out. Honestly, I want to try out their whole skincare line that you can get online right now for only $42 here in the United States. I love that they have come out with their own face serum! If you've tried them out already, let me know what your thoughts are of them!

Well I think I just about covered everything that I can think of regarding moisturizers for the body. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you ASAP. Thanks for stopping by my site! 

Monday, March 2, 2015

De-worming Cats

This past October, my husband and I decided to get another cat after we found mice turds all over our kitchen a couple of mornings. We had never had mice before because we had my old cat Tigger around, but sadly he had passed away in May. I didn't realize that the only reason we never had mice was because of Tigger being around (even though he'd never even hurt a fly nonetheless kill a mouse).

Anyways, we brought home another cat from my grandparent's farm and although I knew that I should take him to the vet the get checked out, we just didn't have the money to do so at the time. But these past couple of months, something had been a little off about him. He seemed bloated, had the runs, and even was losing hair on his hind end. I thought maybe it was a flea reaction according to the symptoms that I read online.

I finally took him to the vet; I had to know what was wrong with him once and for all(and to get his rabies shot). He didn't have fleas, mites, or hook worms... they really weren't sure what was wrong. After he got fixed, I noticed that he still had the runs (which was absolutely disgusting to clean up) and it obviously wasn't from the rabies shot that he'd gotten. When I called the vet, they told me that the next step would be to treat him for worms.

There are a few ways to de-worm cats:

1. Pill form; while my husband held him, I put the pill down his throat for him to swallow)

2. A liquid that is absorbed through the skin

I chose the pill form since it was the least expensive option and I'm planning to deworm him every couple of months to stay on top of it. I love my cat and want him to be healthy.

Have suggestions? Please leave a comment below. Thanks