Monday, March 2, 2015

De-worming Cats

This past October, my husband and I decided to get another cat after we found mice turds all over our kitchen a couple of mornings. We had never had mice before because we had my old cat Tigger around, but sadly he had passed away in May. I didn't realize that the only reason we never had mice was because of Tigger being around (even though he'd never even hurt a fly nonetheless kill a mouse).

Anyways, we brought home another cat from my grandparent's farm and although I knew that I should take him to the vet the get checked out, we just didn't have the money to do so at the time. But these past couple of months, something had been a little off about him. He seemed bloated, had the runs, and even was losing hair on his hind end. I thought maybe it was a flea reaction according to the symptoms that I read online.

I finally took him to the vet; I had to know what was wrong with him once and for all(and to get his rabies shot). He didn't have fleas, mites, or hook worms... they really weren't sure what was wrong. After he got fixed, I noticed that he still had the runs (which was absolutely disgusting to clean up) and it obviously wasn't from the rabies shot that he'd gotten. When I called the vet, they told me that the next step would be to treat him for worms.

There are a few ways to de-worm cats:

1. Pill form; while my husband held him, I put the pill down his throat for him to swallow)

2. A liquid that is absorbed through the skin

I chose the pill form since it was the least expensive option and I'm planning to deworm him every couple of months to stay on top of it. I love my cat and want him to be healthy.

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